Who we are

Frame Project ODV is a voluntary association created with the aim of promoting dialogue, mediation and fruitful exchange between different cultures, mainly involving young people.

Since 2013, Frame Project has developed international cooperation and distance support projects in favour of minors in socially disadvantaged contexts, with the aim of improving their conditions and quality of life.
In particular, the association focuses its efforts on supporting the minors of the Good Samaritan Mission in Mumbai.

With the aim of overcoming commonplaces and stereotypes that often label other cultures, Frame Project develops original tools that can bring together young Italians and Indians, creating the conditions for forms of knowledge capable of crossing territorial boundaries.

Since 2013, the association has been supporting the education of children and teenagers in Mumbai. In order to encourage learning, it works on the remediation of the socio-cultural contexts in which children and teenagers live and it builds bridges of dialogue between India and Italy, with the aim of making the commitment to solidarity a concrete opportunity for knowledge.

Frame Project is committed to promoting the culture of inclusion in our country respecting the specificity of each individual, in the awareness that we live in a world where the interconnection between peoples wants us to be responsible supporters of an active solidarity that broadens the view and enriches the conscience.

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