Seven years of initiatives for the Good Samaritan Mission

A new house for girls

In these years Frame Project has taken charge of some emergency that caused problems to the Good Samaritan Mission. In 2018 in collaboration with lots of Italian friends we managed to rebuild the crumbling house where the girls lived, the “Silvano Niwas”. A chain of solidarity has been formed in order to raise funds needed to the rebuilding and it has involved several communities in Italy: a lot of people made spontaneous donations and among many, we remember the little village of Frascaro di Norcia deeply affected by the earthquake of 2016.

The Silvano Niwas before and after reconstruction.
Read the articles about rebuilding and about aid from Frascaro di Norcia.

Support to education

Frame Project Onlus was born with the aim of supporting the school career of children and teenagers who had the misfortune to be born in the abject poverty of slum areas or in the streets next to Mumbai railway stations.

We are aware that education is essential to the building of their future, so our association with Good Samaritan Mission, through some volunteers’ work in the field, has built a long-term project which has started to bear concrete fruit over the years: from 2013 to 2019 about thirty students completed their high school education, eight of them graduated with top marks. They have found a job and in some cases built a family.

A new vehicle and for the first aid

In 2016 Frame Project answered another call from Peter Paul: the urgent need to scrap an old ambulance and replace it with a new one. So a new multi-functional vehicle was bought for the first aid and for transporting children.

Christmas presents

Every year one or more volunteers of Frame Project Onlus go to Good Samaritan Mission as guests of the facility. In Italy they bring back photos and videos or they connect to Peter Paul Raj to bring faces and voices from the mission concretely among us.

The large number of Italian people who have been welcomed by the Good Samaritan Mission and its children in these years bears evidence of how it is not an abstraction but a lively and bright reality. They usually go there at Christmas time, a more favourable period for us because there are lower temperatures and humidity levels that make the stay less risky.

Christmas brings double joy: there are always useful presents such as new clothes and shoes which are bought taking children and teenagers directly to the markets in Vikhroli.

It is great fun especially for younger children. But in the past children have been given experiences unthinkable to them such as a picnic in a water park, trips to Elephanta Island in Mumbai Bay or pizza meals. These experiences are not unnecessary at all, but instead they become part of their growth.

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