Frame Project ODV

We give shape to an idea of active solidarity

The voluntary association Frame Project was founded in 2013 with the aim of supporting minors in difficulty without distinction of religion, race, or culture, as well as encouraging dialogue, social inclusion, mediation, and enriching exchange between different cultures, making young people the main protagonists.

In accordance with the association’s statute and the regulations in force, the solidarity network of volunteers established throughout the years around the founding members of Frame Project has made it possible to carry out various awareness-raising projects in Italy about childhood and adolescence issues in developing countries, all the while promoting forms of distance support.

In particular, we have been supporting the Good Samaritan Mission in Mumbai, founded in 1994 by the Indian missionary Peter Paul Raj in the slum-area of Vikhroli. The GSM is a residential structure of family homes which houses orphan or semi-orphan street children and provides them with a safe place to grow up and to create emotional ties. The GSM also guarantees the education they need in order to carry out a life project far from misery and social hardship.