Institutional Bodies

The Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting is composed of the people who sign the statute and by those who request it, whose application for admission is accepted by the Board of Directors and ratified by the Meeting. The Meeting is constituted by all the members of the organisation and has the task of electing the members of the various institutional bodies, approving the programme of the activities proposed by the Board of Directors and approving the budget and end-of-year balance sheet.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is invested with the widest executive powers for the management of the association: it implements any executive act necessary for the fulfilment of the programme of activities that is not reserved by law or by statute to the competence of the Shareholders’ Meeting. Specifically:

– it elects from among its members the president and vice-president, and revokes them; it appoints the treasurer and the secretary;
– it implements all acts of ordinary and extraordinary administration;
– it executes the resolutions passed by the Shareholders’ Meeting;
-it prepares the Meeting’s annual programme of activities in accordance with the guidelines contained in the general programme approved by the Meeting;
– it promotes and coordinates the activities and authorises the expenses of the organisation;
– it annually submits to the Meeting for approval: the report; the balance sheet for the past financial year from which the assets, contributions, bequests received and expenses for chapters and analytical items must appear, as well as the budget for the current year;
– it proposes to the Meeting the regulations for the functioning of the association and its governing bodies;
– it receives, accepts, or rejects applications for new memberships.

Its members are Massimiliano Leone (President), Agnese Dal Chiele (Vice-President), Alessandro Leone (Treasurer), and Sabrina Verga (Secretary).