• 2ACLIL posted an update in the group Group logoMusic 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hi guys, this is our video about music :)

  • Agnese posted an update in the group Group logoMusic 5 years ago

    ”We learned more from a three minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school.” – Bruce Springsteen
    Riccardo will play for you ”Hurt”! (Johnny Cash)
    enjoy it :)

    • GSM replied 5 years ago

      Hi Agnese, do you like indian music?

      • Hi!! well…to be onest, I don’t know very well indian music, but I trurly hope that you will suggest me some of the best indian song! :)
        moreover, what instrument is more spread in India? (in Italia guitar and piano)

        • Leo replied 5 years ago

          I belive sitar, but our indian friends may be more accurate..

    • Luna replied 5 years ago

      Hi Agnese, how are you?
      I know Bruce Springsteen and Red Hot Chili also.
      But I will point out this Indian musician who died two months ago: Ravi Shankar. He was very famous in america and europe. Played many instruments, especially the sitar. Norah Jones is his daughter..
      You can see him in youtube….

      • Hi Luna! I’m fine :) And you?
        Thank you! I listened Ravi Shankar, and I find it very nice!
        This kind of music is different from Italian’s one, but it makes you relax and thinking. Love it.

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